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Born in Sweden and raised in Canada, Emily began her makeup career in Toronto as a freelance fashion artist and for a renown cosmetic brand.


Deciding to pursue her career in London, she began working for a leading cosmetic brand and also began working at London Fashion Week backstage on shows.


Emily continues to work as a freelance artist where she continues to collaborate for various high-end publications such as Vogue, Harpers, Elle, Hunger, Dazed & Confused, TANK, Wonderland, Archetype, Zink NYC, Wylde, Volt, Suitcase Magazine, and LAB. She has also worked as a makeup artist at the BAFTAS, National TV Awards, Olympics, Sports Awards, MTV Music Awards, Various Film Premieres and more, working with many a-list celebrities around the globe.


For a full list of the designers, she works with during Fashion Weeks please request.


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